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Improve your Skills and Get a 15% (or 30%) salary rise
















Intensive CEFR course for English teachers


Course Purpose:

The course is specially designed for English teachers that are planning to take CEFR Salary Increment tests organized by DTM (State Center of Testing).


By the end of the program the participants will be able to:

  • Successfully pass CEFR examinations organized by DTM
  • Apply for a 15% (or 30%) monthly wage rise
  • Show proficiency in Academic English
  • Write formal letters and essays
  • Improve oral communication skills
  • Receive professional support from top specialists of DTM

Our course and materials are based on the special curriculum provided by State Center of Testing and will comprise real exam papers from the previous tests. It will be conducted by one of the leading English language experts currently working in DTM, Mr. Djalilov Komil, who has more than 15 years of teaching experience and several international certificates and awards, including a postgraduate certificate from Columbia University (New-York, USA).

To be eligible for the course, participants must demonstrate that they already have a level of competence in English of at least Level B1 CEFR (IntermediateUpper Intermediate). The course duration is 2 month, and consists of 24 lessons – 2 hours each.



Телефон: (+99890) 909-77-99.

Телефон/Факс: (+99871) 237-12-72.