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What is IELTS itself and why do we need it?



International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test system, which assesses the level of English of non native speakers of English. The certificate which is achieved after passing exam can be used for several purposes, such as Education, Emigration, and/or finding a job in English speaking countries.

Which countries and universities accept IELTS certificate?

The IELTS certificate is accepted by all Universities and institutes, where the subjects are held in English. Also, several higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan do accept this certificate as a requirement for enrollment, they include Westminster International University in Tashkent, Singapore Management Institute in Tashkent, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent and Inha University in Tashkent

What advantages will you get if you study IELTS in our language center?


We offer the followings which you will not find in other language centers:

  • Experienced teachers
  • Small groups – 5-6 or 6-10 people per group
  • Audio and Video facilities
  • Individual approach to every student
  • Improving your listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • Cozy rooms and classroom equipment
  • Free "Conversation Club” and "Movie club”

The lessons in this course are developed in order to teach the basics of IELTS. During the lessons students will be able to develop their English based on 4 skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking). The 4-month-period course covers not only the evolvement of all these 4 skills, but also the learning of new words, participation in discussions, enjoying academic and general essay writing and learning new phrases and expressions for better understanding and speaking. Also, we will teach to express more formal opinions, listen and understand Lectures with academic content, read the texts and solve the problems of IELTS tests.

We organize the lessons using the following IELTS textbooks and grammar reference books such as Step Up To IELTS, IELTS Express, IELTS score 7.0 and Master Class IELTS. Also we will provide the listening materials of IELTS, so that you can practice listening at home or out of lessons. All the necessary materials will be in the form of spreadsheets, which in turn will be given by our center. At the end of the course a student can have mock test to check his/her probable score of IELTS.

 HAVE QUESTIONS? CALL US! (+99890) 909-77-99 (+99871) 237-12-72