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Dear Teachers

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Dear Teachers
Do you want to improve your English and learn how to make your lessons more effective?
Do you want to get more confidence in the classroom and develop professionally?

We offer you a great opportunity to make it happen. 
Join our English Language Teaching Course at Vivavox center.
Course purpose:
The course is designed for in-service teachers of English with various 
teaching experiences.
The aim of the course is to help English language teachers to improve their language and teaching skills. 
By the end of the programme the participants will be able to: 
- increase their level of English
~ understand language learning processes better; 
~ satisfy the growing demands and interests of their students; 
~ confidently apply new methodology; 
~ find and adapt learning materials to meet their students’ needs; 
~ give and receive professional support; 
~ plan their own further professional development.
Our course and materials are based on the latest course books published by Oxford University Press and McMillan Publishers house. 
The course will be conducted by experienced teacher trainer with certificate from UK University.
If you want to make a positive change in your career, just go for it!