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Why you should choose “VIVAVOX”?

Why you should choose "VIVAVOX”?

Unusual teaching approach which makes the process of studying more interesting and effective.
Qualified and experienced teachers who lead students through enjoyable and valuable way of learning languages.
An opportunity to learn languages from native speakers helps to understand not only language but also the culture of the language.
Studying under modern circumstances that create comfort in getting education process by proving fresh education materials and all needed equipments during the lessons.
The average result of the students who attended the IELTS courses, is 6.5
The lessons are held based on international standards.
As the learning center situated near the metro station and the center of the city, people who want to get there will not find any difficulties.
Availability of free clubs (speaking club and movie club) and free studying materials
Educating maximum 10 students in one group makes education process more active and starting to communicate in studying language for students will be much faster.
Furthermore, affordability of the course prices and providing with certificate at the end of each level make it one of the best options for learning languages.
Getting high score from IELTS is very easy! Our student's IELTS certificate can be example for this. Study here and achieve high scores!  
Telephone: (+99897) 758-75-87, (+99890) 909-77-99, Tel/Fax: (+99871) 237-12-72 email: info@vivavox.uz
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